Mental stimulation games

In the same way that we take our pups for walks to keep them physically stimulated, it’s also just as important to exercise their brains. This can truly enrich their lives as it helps give them something meaningful to do, alleviate boredom and helps keep them out of trouble.

We take a look at some super simple brain games to help really tire out your pup and give you some much-needed downtime.

Treasure hunt

If your dog likes to use its nose or you’d like to put its brain to the test, why not get them to find hidden treasure around the house or in the garden? To begin with, you’ll want to hide a puppy-friendly treat or favourite toy somewhere obvious and let them watch you hide it before giving them a quick command to find the “treasure”.

You can make the game as easy or as difficult as you’d like, hiding the prize in increasingly difficult places to keep your dog engaged as they learn.

This is a great way to get your pooch to use all of its senses and keep them out of trouble!

Hide and seek

If your dog enjoys a treasure hunt, instead of hiding treats or their favourite toy why not become the treasure your pup has to find? You’ll need at least two people to play so that one can distract the excited pooch, while the other person finds a hiding spot. This is surprisingly fun for everyone involved, but don’t forget to reward your dog once they’ve found you!

The perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon exercising your pup’s senses!

Interactive toys

There are lots of stimulating games available to buy for your pup, or you could even have a go at making some at home.  Some of these will roll, while others might bounce, but the unpredictability provides a fun and rewarding challenge for dogs as they work for their treats.

So, this might be something like a Kong, which needs to be stuffed with pup-friendly food, or something a little more complicated like a puzzle that takes a little longer to get to their reward. The perfect distraction!

These engaging toys and puzzles will test your pup’s attention and help them develop thinking skills.

An owner holding a ball for their dog

Learn a new trick

Teaching your dog a new trick or two is a great way to spend quality time together while challenging their mind! There are plenty of tricks to pick from, too, making sure you never run out of ideas or ways to expand your pup’s knowledge.

From basic manners and simple commands to more complicated moves, there is something for every pup and guaranteed to keep you entertained, too!

Head outside

Go for a walk with your pup! You might already do this but instead of rushing or sticking to the same route, try to set some extra time aside to let your dog wander and take in the world around them by letting them sniff and explore! You might enjoy the walk, too.

Remember: Be care not to overexercise your pup, too much of a good thing can lead to issues later in life. Not sure how long or far to walk your pup? Have a look here.

We hope you and your pup enjoy playing these new stimulating games together.

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