Photo illustration of two people and a puppy


From basic training to diet and nutrition, there's lots of things to consider when keeping your puppy safe, happy and healthy.

Puppy Hiccups

Do you worry about your puppy getting the hiccups? Learn why they happen and how to stop them

Dog having a sleep

Upset stomachs and sickness

There’s nothing worse than knowing your pup has an upset tummy.

Puppy playing with a ball

Puppy biting and mouthing

What should you do if your puppy nips?

Mental stimulation games

Some super simple brain games to help really tire out your pup. 

Socialising your puppy – the best ways to do it

Follow our top tips so that your puppy grows up to be a well socialised, relaxed and happy dog

Tips to Welcome a Puppy into your Home

Read our top tips on welcoming a new puppy into your home.

How far is too far?

A guide on exercising a puppy, how far is too far and what problems can arise if they’re over-exercised. 

Three reasons to adopt a rescue dog

Here are three reasons to adopt a rescue dog, rather than buy from a breeder.

The pros and cons of rescuing

Are you looking to get a pet but not quite sure whether to buy or adopt? Learn the pros and cons of rescuing an animal

The ethics of buying pets online

Buying pets online has never been easier, but is it ethical? Learn whether it's safe  and how to avoid the dangers