Photo illustration of two people and a puppy


From basic training to diet and nutrition, there's lots of things to consider when keeping your puppy safe, happy and healthy.

Puppy skin health & allergies

Discover the symptoms and treatments for common skin conditions, fleas and ticks, allergies or intolerances in puppies

Puppy destroying a cushion

How to solve puppy boredom

Puppies can become destructive as a way to keep themselves occupied if left for too long, circulating toys can help keep them busy.

Puppy playing with toilet roll

Separation anxiety and mischievous behaviour in puppies

Discover how to deal with separation anxiety in puppies, tricks to keep your puppy occupied and how to keep them calm.

Puppy Adolescence and Neutering

The physical and behavioural changes you should expect to see in teenage puppies and how you can keep training consistent.

Puppy on a training lead

How to train a puppy to respond to commands

Teaching your puppy new tricks is important like stay, drop, sit and how to walk without pulling on their lead.

Puppy being brushed

Puppy grooming hints and tips

Grooming your puppy is an important part of pet care. It has plenty of benefits like keeping their skin and fur clean and healthy,

Dog jumping in the air

Exercising your puppy safely

Outdoor activities will help strengthen the bond between you and your puppy, help keep them fit and keep them mentally stimulated. 

Puppy eating from a bowl

Puppy growth, nutrition and diet

We want to help you understand the next stage of your puppy’s development and the differences you might notice in them.

Puppy playing with a ball

Items to keep in your puppy first aid kit

Discover the 'must-have' items to keep in your puppy first aid kit to ensure you can attend to minor injuries when they happen.