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4th April 2022

With thousands of police dogs working on average 40 hours a week in forces across the country, many of which will suffer attacks or sustain serious injury, it might come as a surprise to know that these canines often struggle to find the right care or insurance once they retire.

Our thanks to these amazing dogs

To give something back to these brave canines, we’ve worked with the Thin Blue Paw Foundation to ensure we could provide vital cover for these dogs throughout their retirement.

We’re proud to announce that we have opened up our suite of policies to include cover for retired police dogs, providing their owners with the ability to choose the right level of support for their dog’s individual needs so they can enjoy a happy and healthy retirement.

What our policies will cover

All our standard Terms and Conditions will be offered, as they are with companion pets.

We know that police dogs receive very unique and specialist training in order to keep their handlers and our communities safe and this training isn’t always completely forgotten when they retire. Should a police dog have a history of aggression (such as biting) after they have retired, we won’t be able to cover any aggression-related claims however,  cover for the rest of the Public Liability benefit would remain available.

How we’ve helped police dogs in the past

Animal Friends has donated over £130,000 to the Thin Blue Paw Foundation to help cover the cost of medication, treatment and rehabilitation therapy for retired police dogs across the country. We’re also providing owners of these canines with free access to convenient veterinary care via the online platform, Joii, allowing access to vets 24/7, 365 days a year.

We are incredibly proud to be able to give back in some way to these courageous dogs. It is our belief that after years of dedicated service protecting our communities and keeping us safe, it is only right that they too are offered the same level of support as companion pets in their final years of retirement.

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Please note, if you own a General Purpose retired police dog, we understand that due to your dog’s specialism and training they will likely have a bite history. As part of the quote journey you will be asked this question but you can call us once you have your quote to identify that your dog is retired from police service.



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