Horse health guide

Helping you care for your horse and learn what may affect their health and wellbeing.

Horse hoof abscess – symptoms, treatment, and poultices

Explore the causes, symptoms, and treatment of the infamous hoof abscess - and discover some top tips for hoof abscess prevention.

Sweet itch in horses – symptoms, treatment, and prevention

Explore the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of sweet itch in horses.

Worming horses – parasites, prevention and treatment

Explore the types of parasites horses can get, along with the symptoms, prevention, and treatment for worms throughout the year.

Equine flu: What to look out for

Learn about equine influenza - what causes it, the symptoms, how it's diagnosed and how it's treated

Can horses have allergies?

Discover the different types of allergies horses can suffer from and how to manage them effectively. 

Coughing in horses

Discover potential causes and treatments for coughing in horses, along with ways to prevent future respiratory problems.

Laminitis in horses

Learn about the effects of laminitis in horses, understand the signs, prevention and treatment

Routine care for horses and ponies

Learn about a horse or pony's health routine as we cover the aspects of caring for an equine.

Colic in horses – all you need to know

A guide to colic, its causes, symptoms and preventing the condition in your horse.