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Six Things to Look For When Buying or Adopting a Beagle

Beagles are a great addition for any family, as they are friendly, fun and full of love.

A small, sturdy breed, Beagles were often previously used for hunting dogs and as a result have a great number of benefits, including boundless energy for playing.

To ensure that a Beagle is the best choice of breed for you, we have put together a list of six things to consider before buying or adopting one. Read on to find out more:

They don’t require much grooming

Beagle coats are very short and incredibly smooth.

The density of their coat means that it is relatively water-resistant, and is in general quite clean. This means that they do not require as much grooming as other breeds. A brushing session once a week should be sufficient to remove any stray dead hairs and help to maintain a healthy coat.

While they are clean dogs, it is still important to wash them. Bathing your dog monthly will ensure that they do not start to smell. More regular bathing may be required if their coat is soiled, which is likely to happen with a breed this adventurous!

Mixed Temperament

Although Beagles are born hunters, they are extremely gentle dogs and a good choice for families. However, to ensure that your Beagle fits into your family without any issue it is useful to try and socialise them as early as possible.

Giving your Beagle plenty of time and attention during the early stages of welcoming them to your home will ensure they are used to being around other humans, and avoid them developing any behavioural problems further down the line.

Beagles are quite a stubborn breed, so it is important to establish a routine and be strict with any training you are giving.

They’re good with kids

An incredibly fun-loving, hyper breed, Beagles have buckets of energy, which makes them a perfect friend for children who love to play outside all day.

Boisterous Beagles must always be supervised around young children in case of any accidental mishaps. However, if they are given the correct amount of socialisation, training and attention in the early stages of life, they are known to be obedient around the family home.

Health requirements

Unfortunately, dogs of this breed are prone to several health conditions. They are known to be quite susceptible to Hip Dysplasia, Glaucoma, PRA and Epilepsy.

Feeding and exercising habits play a huge part in keeping your dog healthy. A good diet and regular walks will reduce the risk of your dog encountering health issues further along the line.

Wonderful sense of smell

Their short, stocky stature is not the only reason why Beagles are excellent hunters.

The Beagle’s sense of smell is incredibly developed, as their nose has 220 million scent receptors in it. This is an incredible amount more than the 400 that humans have, meaning that hiding treats from them may be a difficult task.

They’re overeaters

This enhanced sense of smell means that Beagles are always on the hunt for food. They are renowned for begging their owners for treats or scraps.

They are a breed which is at a high risk of overeating, which in turn can make them prone to becoming overweight. Therefore, they need an owner who is strict with their diet and will give them a good amount of exercise to keep them healthy.

If you are considering adopting or buying a Beagle, it is a good idea to compare dog insurance deals. After all, you will want to ensure you have the cover you need to protect your pet in the event of an accident or injury.

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