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Dog health problems by breed

Whether you are looking to buy a dog, or researching the newest member of your household, it pays to understand the health problems commonly affecting different breeds, and what you can do to prevent or manage these conditions.

We have worked with our partners at Joii to provide handy guides about the heath problems and conditions common to some of the most popular breeds of dog. These guides detail the causes of each condition and preventative healthcare advice that owners can follow to avert or manage it going forward.

Please click or tap on any of the dogs below to discover the health problems associated with that breed.

Dog health problems by breed


Learn how Labradors can suffer from bloat, genetic joint and eye problems, as well as ear health and obesity issues.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier health problems

Staffordshire bull terrier

Staffies are a popular, hardy breed, but can be prone to joint issues, ear, skin and eye problems.

Cocker Spaniel health problems

Cocker Spaniel

Find out how Cocker Spaniels are susceptible to eye problems, heart disease, bone and joint conditions, ear infections and more.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel health problems

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are prone to heart disease, ear infections, bone and joint problems, skin issues, neurological problems to name a few.

Jack Russell Terrier health problems

Jack Russell Terrier

Energetic Jack Russells can struggle with eye problems, dental disease, blood disorders, bone and joint conditions, mental health issues and more.

German Shepherd health problems

German Shepherd

Discover the stomach disorders, neurological issues, heart disease, eye problems and bone and joint conditions that German Shepherds can suffer.

Springer Spaniel health problems

Springer Spaniel

This energetic Spaniel can suffer from joint, eye and ear issues, heart disease, neurological problems, skin diseases and other conditions.

Shih Tzu health problems

Shih Tzu

Discover how Shih Tzu’s are prone to eye problems, joint and skin conditions, ear infections plus brachycephalic breathing issues.

French Bulldog Health Problems

French Bulldog

Learn how French Bulldog suffer from brachycephalic breathing problems, skin issues, eye problems and often have trouble giving birth.

Boxer health problems


Boxers are predisposed to developing types of cancer, as well as having breathing issues, joint problems, heart conditions and bloat.

West Highland Terrier health problems

West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terriers are susceptible to skin conditions, ear infections and eye problems, joint and hormone disorders, and the “westie jaw”..

Border Collie Health Problems

Border Collie

Find out about the eye complaints, joint conditions, genetic problems and behavioural issues that Border Collies are prone to.

Golden Retriever health problems

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are genetically predisposed to joint, skin and eye problems, plus ear infections and heart disease.

Bulldog health problems

English Bulldog

Due to their breeding, Bulldogs are brachycephalic dogs with respiratory issues, as well as multiple types of skin conditions and eye problems.

Pug health problems


Pugs size and breeding means they often have brachycephalic breathing issues, skin infections, eye-related problems and joint conditions.

Chihuahua health problems


Learn how the Chihuahua’s small size can lead to eye problems, dental disease, breathing issues and difficulty giving birth to puppies.

Cockapoo health problems


Cockapoos can encounter joint trouble, ear infections, hereditary eye problems, skin conditions and metabolism-related disorders.

Bichon Frise health problems

Bichon Frise

Discover how Bichon Frises often suffer from skin, ear and eye conditions, and can also suffer from joint & hormone problems as they age.

Yorkshire Terrier health problems

Yorkshire Terrier

Find out how Yorkshire Terriers can be prone to dental disease, joint conditions, hormone problems and bladder issues.

Greyhound health problems


Learn about the dental disease, joint conditions and musculoskeletal injuries, bloat, cancer and eye problems that Greyhounds are susceptible to.

Dachshund health problems


The Dachshund’s unique bone structure leaves them vulnerable to back problems and joint conditions, as well as dental disease.

Border Terrier health problems

Border Terrier

Border Terriers can struggle with dental disease, bone and joint conditions, “cramping syndrome” and other neurological issues, and eye problems.

Lhasa Apso health problems

Lhasa Apso

See how Lhasa Apsos can be affected by spine and eye problems, as well as joint conditions and skin allergies.

Labradoodle health problems


Discover how Labradoodles can be prone to ear infections, skin allergies and joint problems as they age.

Lurcher health problems


Find out how Lurchers can suffer from bloat, joint problems, bone cancer and dental disease, and what you can do about it.



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