Cat looking over a fence at a dog.

Product reviews

We believe that keeping our pets happy is a lot easier with a little help. 

Here our canine critics and feline faultfinders put pet products to the test! 

Cat Treat Reviews

Putting cat treats to the taste test to help find a yummy snack for your feline friend.

Dog Leads Product Reviews

Dog Leads Product Reviews to help you find the perfect lead for your canine adventurtes. 

Dog Drying Product Reviews

Dog Drying Product Reviews to help you on your hunt for the perfect tool to help dry your pooch.  

YuMOVE Calming Care for cats and dogs

Here, we want to tell you all about YuMOVE, how their Calming Care can help your pet and why you should try it. 

YAKERS Dog Chews and Crunchy Snacks review

Our partners, Pets & Friends, sent us some YAKERS goodies to be reviewed by our canine critics!