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Need For Responsible Pet Ownership Stronger Than Ever

Animal Friends Insurance reaches its £900,000 mark for their £1 Million Charity Challenge and further highlights the need for support for animal welfare.

As the recession has tightened people’s purse strings there has been a noticeable effect on funding for many animal charities. As a Pet Insurance company which is well known to support animal welfare charities Animal Friends receives on average 30+ requests a week for funding and support from varying animal welfare charities nationally and internationally. From dogs to horses, rabbits to exotic pets the number of abandoned animals is increasing; to aid these charities Animal Friends Insurance set up their £1 million pound charity challenge.

According to the Dogs Trust 2011 stray dog study, the horrific truth is that out of 345 stray dogs that are found every day, around 20 dogs are put down by local authorities all across the country, a figure that is increasing all the time.

“Animal Friends is aware there are growing concerns about the increasing number of pets that are in rescue centres looking for long term homes, and we aim to help as many as possible” says Chris Newnham, Marketing Manager, Animal Friends Insurance.

To assist, Animal Friends has supported projects which include funding emergency rescues, sponsoring kenneling and funding specific projects to enrich the lives of the animals whilst waiting to be adopted.

Ira, at All Dogs Matter commented “Sadly whilst free advertising sites are still allowing members of the public to sell animals online, with no costs to themselves or monitoring of what is going on, this has created a ‘monster’ for the welfare of animals, in particular the Staffordshire Bull terrier and crosses. If not another Staff- Cross puppy was born from today, it would probably still take almost ten years to re-home all the unwanted dogs in rescue centres across the country. Sadly, we are still being ‘given’ Brindle Staff pups under 6 weeks old which simply can’t be sold, because there is no monetary value to them.”

Animal Friends pledges to donate £1million by the end of 2012 and to date has donated £900,000 to animal welfare charities across the UK and rest of the world.

“Animal Friends have been able to help so many really worthy causes it’s hugely rewarding for all of us and I know it’s changed the lives of many individual animals that have been saved from a life of despair” said Elaine Fairfax, MD, Animal Friends Insurance.

This is a massive achievement and has helped so many animals all over the world, but to help these charities further, more emphasis should be placed on responsible pet ownership.

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