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Dangers to Dogs Eating Chocolate

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With Christmas long behind us, you might be looking forward to seeing daffodils finally bloom and the clocks going forward, even if you do lose an hour. Until then, you might be finishing off any left-over Christmas chocolates.

As nice as they are it’s important to make sure any chocolate is kept out of reach from any intrigued noses and bottomless tummies.

Is chocolate poisonous to dogs?

Yes – chocolate IS poisonous to dogs.

Chocolate contains theobromine, which is found in the cacao plant. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t able to process theobromine as quickly as humans which means it ends up reaching toxic levels in their system.

What happens if my dog eats chocolate?

The effect of the chocolate will depend on the type of chocolate, the amount of chocolate consumed and your dog’s size. Symptoms will usually occur between four and 24 hours later, but the signs will vary depending on the factors above.

If you know your dog has managed to eat some chocolate it might not be best to wait for the signs to show and contact your vet for advice if you’re concerned.

What are the symptoms of chocolate poisoning in dogs?

There are different symptoms for different levels of chocolate poisoning. From simply vomiting and having a bout of diarrhoea to suffering from muscle tremors, seizures, an irregular heartbeat or internal bleeding.

You might also notice your dog exhibiting some unusually severe hyperactivity.

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What to do if my dog has eaten chocolate?

If your dog has eaten some chocolate, it’s best not to wait for the symptoms as they may need urgent treatment. It will be quite an anxious time, but you will need to remember how much chocolate your dog ate, what type of chocolate and a timeframe of when your dog ate it.

Wrappers are incredibly handy so make sure to take those with you to the veterinary practice. Having this information will allow your vet to work out what treatment your dog is likely to need if they’ve eaten a toxic dose.

How much will chocolate poisoning cost?

According to our 2015-2018 statistics, the average claim to treat a dog with chocolate poisoning is £374.89.

We see claims for chocolate poisoning all year round not just at Christmas and Easter times so please make sure to keep chocolates out of your dog’s sight, reach, paws and tummies.

If you have children, keep an eye on them when they’re having chocolatey treats as they might want to share with their best friends.


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