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How are you protecting your pet this bonfire night?

How are you protecting your pet this bonfire night?

As the night of gunpowder, treason and plot approaches it seems that pet owners may not be quite as excited about the nights festivities as you may think.

Our survey found that over two thirds of pet owners want to see fireworks banned unless it is in a controlled environment. Which is not a surprising number considering the negative effects that they can have on our furry friends.

However, while over half of pet owners feel concerned about their animal on firework night, we also discovered that they may not be doing a lot about it.

A quarter of respondents admitted that during events where fireworks may be set off, they do nothing to help ease the stress and anxiety that their four-legged companion may be feeling.

Coventry was the city least likely to take any special precautions this bonfire night, with over a third of owners claiming that they do not try to keep their pet calm in any way.

Despite concerns for their pet’s welfare during bonfire night, 44% of respondents from Coventry revealed that they have had their own firework show with a pet at the property.

Across the country owners between the age of 18-24 were most likely to do the same, with over a quarter of people admitting to letting off fireworks whilst having animals in the house.

On the other hand, there are pet owners who are much more cautious about protecting their pets during fireworks night.

Half of pet owners revealed that they play music or leave the TV on to soothe their pets, and 6% even took extra measures and turned to homeopathic remedies to ensure their pet felt calm. Interestingly, 3% went as far as to invest in an anxiety vest to reduce the stress of bonfire night.

One pet owner even claimed that they stay at home for 3 or 4 weeks around Bonfire Night, as their pet suffers from a large amount of stress and anxiety due to the particularly noisy environment.

As you can imagine, firework night can be an incredibly tough time for our cuddly companions so it is a good idea to put aside extra time to care for them on this night. If you cannot be with them, it may be worth finding a pet sitter to look after them so that they aren’t left on their own.

Remember that having pet insurance is a good way to help you afford any medical treatment that they might need around Bonfire Night.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that your pet stays safe during the firework displays this year:


  1. Walk your dog earlier in the day to make sure you are not outside when the festivities begin.
  2. Feed your pet during the day as their anxiety may mean that they refuse to eat later.
  3. Close your doors and windows and consider blocking any pet flaps to avoid your pet escaping during the fireworks.
  4. Use distractions such as a new chew toy or leave the television or radio on to calm your pet.
  5. Create a safe place for your pet to hide by using blankets and drawing curtains to make a comfortable atmosphere.
  6. Act natural, as fussing over your pet too much may alert them that something is wrong.
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