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How to calm your pet during the fireworks

It’s that time of year again, the trick or treaters are gone but the fireworks are keeping people entertained instead. The loud bangs and flashing colours can frighten cats and dogs and can go on for weeks before and after Bonfire Night.

There are a few things you can do to calm your pet during the fireworks, here are our top tips on helping your pet.

Exercise your dog during the day

Try and get your dog’s walk done when it’s still light, as the chances of fireworks will increase as it gets darker. If you’re unable to take them for a walk during the day, why not ask a family member or friend to help, or maybe consider booking a dog walker if you can?

Shut your windows, curtains and blinds

Making sure windows are closed, curtains are drawn, and blinds are shut can help muffle the noise and block out the flashes of light from outside.

Provide a safe place for your pet

This safe place can help your pet to feel safe and comfortable. From a covered crate to a den built from blankets and pillows, it can be the perfect spot to hide from the noise and flashes.

Give your pet the space they need

Let your cat or dog, pace, whine or hide if it helps them cope with the night’s noise and lights. They are just trying to find safety. Some pets will come to you for comfort, don’t ignore them if they do but be sure to remain calm and behave as normal.

Provide some distractions

Giving your cat or dog a treat-filled toy or a pet puzzle to study can help them ignore all the goings-on outside. If your pet is too scared to be interested in food, try to engage in some activities you can do together. Teaching new tricks, indoor fetch, kitty games and snuggles are all brilliant distractions.

Things to remember

There are some things you’ll need to do that won’t keep your pet calm but will help keep them safe this firework season.

Make sure they’re microchipped

While it’s now law for dogs to be microchipped, the same rules don’t apply to cats. It’s always a good idea to get your pet microchipped so that if they ever manage to stray, they’ll be able to be scanned at a veterinary practice and you’ll be reunited a lot quicker. This is especially important on nights like Bonfire Night when loud noises and bright flashes can scare cats and dogs can make cats and dogs bolt in fear.

Making sure your pet is appropriately tagged can help too, by including your name, address and phone number in case they do manage to escape.

Speak to your vet

If you know your pet is likely to struggle to cope with the fireworks season why not speak to your vet and see if they’re able to prescribe calming medication or suggest any calming exercises that you could test with your cat or dog.



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