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How to keep your cat safe this Halloween

While kids get their spook on and adults stock up on sweets ready for the trick-or-treaters to start knocking, but Halloween is a dangerous, and sometimes deadly, time for cats. From the scary goings-on outside to the hidden dangers of the treat bucket inside, there are a few things you can do to help keep your cat safe this Halloween.

Keep them away from the sweets

Keep your cat away from your sweets, and the sweets away from your cat. While kids love to ravage through the bowl, a lot of confectionery on offer can be toxic to our feline friends.

So it’s best to make sure they don’t get the chance to munch on something they shouldn’t and to keep a close eye on any extra sweets that come into the house, from finished trick-or-treaters or what’s leftover from your bowl.

Keep outdoor cats in

Keeping your cat inside on Halloween night will keep them safe and hopefully reduce their stress. This might be a good idea for the most autumn, especially when there are quite a few dangers this season, with scary trick-or-treaters, loud fireworks and unpredictable bonfires.

Keep your cat in a quiet area of your house

Once you’ve managed to persuade your kitty to stay inside, offer them a quiet room away from the busy front door so they can feel safe and secure throughout the night. This can also help with keeping them away from any toxic sweets or dangerous decorations.

Reconsider your decorations

Carved pumpkins with flickering candles inside can prove to be big trouble in a house with pets, especially if a curious cat decides to knock it over… Always use battery-powered candles to bring your pumpkins to life, and make sure that any wires or other dangerous decorations are out of reach of your cat.

Do they need a costume?

Dressing up your cat might seem like a good idea, but it might frighten your cat and cause them to stress out. If you are going to put your cat in a costume, make sure it doesn’t restrict their breathing or movement, and never leave them unattended.

Following these top tips should help your cat experience a relatively stress-free Halloween, and before you know the spookfest will be over and done with for another year.

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