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How to Keep your Pet Safe at Halloween


With Halloween approaching you might be storing sweets ready for any trick-or-treaters or you might be dreading the evening of knock after knock at your door. At least you have time to prepare but your pet has no idea what’s around the corner. Your pet will need your help adjusting to the evening’s festivities, and you will need to keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

Keep your pets in another room

It’s a good idea to keep pets in another room, away from the door and any trick-or-treaters. If possible, make sure someone stays with them, so they don’t feel lonely or get scared, and provide them with their favourite treat to keep them entertained. This way, they’re away from the door and won’t be provided with an opportunity to bolt through the door and run away.

Just in case your pet manages to escape you should make sure they have adequate identification. It’s a legal requirement for your dog to be microchipped but it’s not yet the law for cats, but it can help reunite you a lot quicker if they were to go missing.

Keep them away from the sweet stash

Maybe you’re giving out chocolate or sweets to those who visit your house, or your own kids have finished their rounds and have a bagful of goodies. Either way, make sure these are kept away from any nosy cats or dogs. This is especially important as chocolates and so many other treats are toxic to our pets and can cause cats and dogs to become severely ill.

Keep them away from lit candles

Whether you have carved a pumpkin, or you’ve bought all your autumn candles out of hiding, it’s important to make sure pets are kept away. Their wagging tails and clumsiness can be a recipe for disaster once you add a lit candle to the mix, and they could end up causing a fire or seriously burning themselves. There are plenty of alternatives to candles nowadays, all powered by small batteries and are much safer than candles.

If you still want to use candles just make sure they’re placed out of reach or your pet is put into a separate room, away from any harm or risk of a catastrophic accident.

The next few months are quite hectic with toxic foods and possible dangerous decorations around our pets, so you will need to do your best to keep them safe and enjoy the holidays stress-free.


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