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Myth busting – does neutering make your pet fat?

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With so many myths about the impact of getting your pet neutered, and it’s sometimes hard to tell fact from fiction. If you’re considering having your pet undergo this surgery, then it’s important the pros and cons of the operation while ignoring speculation or hearsay.

Does neutering make your pet fat?

Spaying or neutering your pet does not make your pet fat, but they are at risk of weight gain without proper management of their diet. Exercise is another important factor when it comes to avoiding weight gain and obesity in your cat or dog.

Why are neutered pets at risk of weight gain?

With various studies looking into the links between neutering and weight issues in pets, there are a couple of leading theories which could explain the link.

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When a cat or dog is neutered there is a change in their hormones, meaning that the decreased levels of testosterone and oestrogen can result in a lower metabolic rate.

In female dogs, the change in oestrogen levels can cause their brain to take longer to realise that the stomach is full, resulting in an increase in appetite and inevitable weight gain. These hormones also stimulate a pet’s roaming behaviour and physical activity so it can lead to cats or dogs to become lethargic and uninterested in exercise.

Another theory is that a neutered pet has a decreased demand for energy, meaning that they don’t need as calories as cats or dogs that haven’t had the operation. Which basically means that they don’t need as much food as pets that remain intact.

How do I prevent weight gain in my neutered pet?

While these theories argue that weight gain is possible, it’s not unavoidable. You’ll need to make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise as well as careful dietary management and appropriate portions.

Speak to your vet before changing your pet’s feeding amount or schedule as they’ll be able to advise what you’ll need to do following their surgery in order to avoid a hefty pet.



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