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Neutering and Micro-chipping Your Cat

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If you are a cat owner and suffer from extensive spraying, or worry that your cat will return pregnant or with a litter of kittens after wandering late at night, there is a way to prevent the stress and costs associated with these issues. When it comes to caring for your cat and your home, neutering and spaying can be a great way to ease your mind when it comes to late night roaming, territorial activity or the risks and problems associated with mating.

Male and female cats can become quite agitated, especially when female cats come into season. Males can smell when neighbouring females are in heat, and obviously a female cat will be itching to get out, the desire to mate a natural and demanding instinct. Owning a cat through this period can be quite taxing, especially if you do not want your cat mating. Spaying/neutering alleviates this issue whilst simultaneously reducing the territorial nature of your cats, meaning less chance of a road accident or territorial dispute.

Neutering and spaying your cats is a brilliant way to help reduce the stray cat population/colonies that are ever increasing as owners let their pets roam and mate freely. Cats will wander beyond their normal territory in search of a mate, and often females will instinctively hide away from home to give birth. The rise of stray cats, especially around urban areas, is a problem that will not be easily dealt with unless we work to spay and neuter where we can.


Micro-chipping your cat is a flexible and reliable means of identifying your pet and having it returned should it go missing. Cat collars, whilst traditional, are not the safest form of identification, as the collar can slip off or become caught, threatening to strangle your cat or simply be left on a fence or other obstacle. Microchipping avoids this issue by being embedded in your pet.

The procedure to insert a microchip is relatively painless and allows you the peace of mind that your pet will always have some form of identification on it when it is out and about. A simple scan at the vets or animal shelter will reveal that your cat is not a stray and as such can be returned to your home safe and sound.

Of course, a microchip is only as good as the information stored on it, so be sure to update all information on the chip when you move home or contact details. In this manner you can avoid any ‘near misses’ where your pet is rescued but unable to be returned thanks to faulty information. Micro-chipping is a superb safety net for all circumstances and is a must-have for any cat owner.


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