Why does my cat keep meowing?

Our cats can be vocal for a number of reasons, but if your pet is meowing more than usual, this is what could be the cause.

26th October 2021

There are many reasons your cat might be meowing. As kittens, meowing is a big part of life. Kittens tell their mothers they’re hungry, cold or scared by meowing.

But as kittens grow up, they learn to express themselves in different ways, whether that’s by hissing, yowling or growling.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your own pet has become chattier, or recognise that they may be trying to communicate with you in a different way than they typically do.

We’ve shared a few reasons why your cat may be demonstrating this behaviour and the reasons why they could be chatting more than usual

Your cat is a vocal breed

Some breeds of cats are known for being vocal.

For example, Siamese cats have a very distinctive cry which is often mistaken for a human baby! Siamese cats can talk to their owners constantly, and so your pet’s incessant meowing could be down to their DNA.

Possible illness

If your cat keeps meowing, they could be trying to tell you that they are not feeling well.

Serious issues such as kidney disease show symptoms like excessive meowing, but it could be something as simple as a cut paw.

If you’re concerned about your cat’s meowing, you should take your pet to your vets for a check-up. This can put your concerns to rest and give your cat treatment if necessary.

Your cat is lonely

If your cat is looking for some attention or is simply feeling lonely, they’ll tell you by becoming more vocal.

Your pet will try to initiate play or get you to stroke them by meowing a lot. If you want to stop your cat meowing, try ignoring them when they become loud. When your pet is quiet, reward them with some attention, but stop as soon as they start meowing again.

If you think your pet is lonely, try hiring a pet sitter to check in on them during the day, or leave some toys containing food out to keep them occupied.

A cat on a chair meowing

Your cat is stressed

Cats can also become more vocal when they’re experiencing some form of stress.

If something changes in their life – whether that’s moving to a new home or the introduction of a new pet – it can put stress on your pet which will manifest as a lot of meowing! Investigate the cause of the stress and talk to your vet for some advice on how to relax them.

A good place to start is by giving your pet some extra attention.

Your cat wants food

The most obvious reason for excessive meowing is that your cat is hungry! Some cats understand when it’s time to eat and so they’ll meow constantly until they are fed.

If it seems like this may be the reason for your cat’s vocal nature, try to avoid feeding them whilst they are making noise. Once they quieten down, give them a treat or their food. If you persevere, you can train your cat to stay quiet when its tea time!

These are just some of the reasons why your cat is being vocal. However, if you’re concerned about how your cat’s meow sounds, or the sudden increase in vocalisations, contact your vet for a check-up.

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