Why is obesity so bad for our pets?

Having an overweight pet or living with a dog or cat with obesity might seem harmless, but it can have a negative effect on our pet's life.

11th March 2019

Having an overweight pet or living with a dog or cat with obesity might seem harmless. After all, who doesn’t enjoy an extra treat or two during the day and who could really say no to those puppy eyes and begging meows? Unfortunately, being overweight or obese can have an adverse effect on our pets and their lives and we really shouldn’t be giving in to their cuteness and charm.

Obesity can cause permanent damage

It’s true, our pet’s extra weight can cause damage to their organs, bones and joints that can never be fixed. Some damage is reversible by getting them back to their ideal weight through diet and exercise but, unfortunately, there could be lasting effects of their old shape and size. Prevention is better than cure.

Obesity can affect your pet’s quality of life

As a pet owner, we want to make sure our dog or cat receives the best care and that we give them the best life a pet could ask for.

This includes being their personal treat-dispenser but while they enjoy the extra kibble or food reward, our kindness might lead to an overweight pet with a decreased quality of life. This is because obesity can lead to our pet developing certain diseases and conditions like arthritis or heart disease, which will affect their day-to-day life.

Obesity shortens our pet’s life span

It’s true. A study by researchers at the University of Liverpool discovered that overweight dogs die more than two-and-a-half years early than pets of a healthy weight. Researchers believe this might be because they’re more likely to suffer problems like arthritis, cancer and breathing issues which could have an impact on their lifespan as well as their quality of life.

If this isn’t a reason to help our pets remain slim, we’re not sure what is.

Owning an overweight pet can be expensive

Bearing in mind all the consequences our pets suffer when overweight, there’s also bad news for us as owners, too. Thanks to all the health concerns there are likely to be more visits to the vet in search of relief and comfort for our pets as they live with obesity. This means it becomes expensive as we pay for their appointments, medicine and treatment.

Make sure to check with your vet before you embark on a weight-loss journey with your pet.

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