Animal Friends Insurance partners with Aviva to provide pet insurance

Pet insurance specialist Animal Friends Insurance has announced a new partnership with Aviva, following a twelve-month tender process. Read on to learn more.

19th May 2020

Animal Friends Insurance, whose head office is based in Amesbury, was selected by one of the UK’s leading insurers, Aviva, to provide and manage pet insurance policies for new customers. Aviva  customers visiting Aviva’s website or app to buy pet insurance will now be introduced to Animal Friends Insurance.

New policy holders to Animal Friends Insurance will receive complimentary access to online veterinary service provider, Joii. The Joii app features a free and industry leading symptom checker, video consultations with vets, and the addition of a range of health clinics with vet nurses to help owners receive information on topics from puppy and kittens through to weight management and dental checks.

Wes Pearson, managing director at Animal Friends Insurance, comments:

“We are extremely proud of this partnership with Aviva and we are committed to providing the high-quality service customers expect from such a well-known and respected brand. We are uniquely placed to offer owners the right insurance cover for their pet and at the same time helping animal charities worldwide, at no extra cost to the customer. To date, we have donated over £4 million and will continue to support and raise awareness of animal welfare causes.”

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Animal Friends Insurance provides cat, dog, equine and rider insurance policies. The company has a 4.3 rating on Trustpilot and 9/10 customers renew with Animal Friends Insurance every year.

For further information please contact:
Patricia Gardiner, Director of Marketing, Animal Friends Insurance.

About Animal Friends Insurance

Founded in 1998, Animal Friends Insurance has always had one clear mission: committing to providing cat, dog, and horse insurance cover with a quality of service that will be remembered and recommended, whilst helping charities worldwide and raising awareness of their work.

To date, the multi-award-winning company has donated over £4 million to charities worldwide and is one of the UK’s largest pet insurers looking after over 1 million pets. Animal Friends Insurance has also supported animal rehoming initiatives, helping long term rescue centre residents find their forever homes.

Animal Friends Insurance announced a partnership with Aviva in April 2020, following a 12-month tender process. Aviva customers will be introduced to Animal Friends for pet insurance policies.

About Aviva

  • Aviva is a leading international savings, retirement and insurance business.
  • Its vision is to earn customers’ trust as the best place to save for the future, navigate retirement and insure what matters most to them. In 2019,  Aviva paid £33.2 billion in claims and benefits on behalf of its 33.4 million customers.
  • It operates through five business divisions: Investments, Savings & Retirement; UK Life; General Insurance; Europe Life; and Asia Life; and focuses on three strategic priorities: deliver great customer outcomes, excel at the fundamentals and invest in sustainable growth.

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Animal Friends Insurance is a multi-award winning FCA-regulated pet insurer, founded in 1998 to provide industry-leading pet insurance and first-class animal care to create a better life for every animal.
As one of the UK’s largest pet insurance providers, Animal Friends works with vets, veterinary professionals, and partners pioneering the latest veterinary technology & healthcare advancements to achieve our vision.
Our policyholders have helped donate over £8.5 million to more than 800 animal charities worldwide and by educating and inspiring others to act on current events and responsible pet ownership, Animal Friends is driving positive change for animal welfare and conservation.