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Training for dogs

Getting a pet is always very exciting, and there are loads of decisions that need to be made. Whether you adopt an older dog or choose a puppy, it’s important to figure out what kind of training technique you want to use.

While it’s true that almost any dog can learn commands with almost any technique, certain breeds are more attuned to one kind then another, for example German Shepherds respond well to clicker training and other forms of strict discipline, while Labradors might prefer positive reinforcement. If you’re adopting, the rescue centre you choose might use one kind of technique and they’ll generally recommend that you continue with this method in your own home for continuity.

There are plenty of options for training out there, all requiring slightly different equipment or approaches, but don’t worry, we’ve got handy guides to all of the approaches, what they involve, and how you can get started.

Please note that at Animal Friends we prefer to use positive and non-punitive methods of training.

What Is Positive Reinforcement in Dog Training?

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