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Why Do Dogs Run Away?

As a dog owner, you will know that whilst it is a demanding responsibility, it is also a very rewarding one. The unconditional love of your four-legged companion forms a very special bond that cannot be replaced, which is why it can be a heart-breaking experience to have your furry friend run away from home.

By trying to do everything you can to provide a comfortable and loving place for them, it might be difficult for some owners to come to terms with their dog running away.

This article hopes to answer all of your concerns as to why do dogs run away, as well as teach you how to help prevent any attempts by your dog to escape.

Reasons Why Your Dog Might Run Away?

If you have a strong attachment to your dog, them running away might cause you to fear the worst and blame yourself for their disappearance. More often than not, you have no reason at all to feel guilty.

Your canine companion may be compelled to leave for a number of reasons. For example, the scent of other dogs is very strong and can result in your dog giving in to their curious nature. This is especially true for dogs that haven’t been neutered, as they will seek out the scent of a potential mate.

A dog running away could also be the result of fear and anxiety that has been induced within the home. This could be triggered by anything from sudden loud noises that are uncommon to your pooch, such as fireworks or the vacuum cleaner. Even unusual sights could spook your dog and encourage them to bolt, such as animal intruders or even an unfamiliar face in the home.

If life has become too mundane for your dog, escape might just be a way of making their day a little more interesting. Dogs require a lot of attention, and if left alone for too long without stimuli, they will begin to act out.

From your dog’s perspective, they might consider themselves to be the pack leader in the household. This mentality might result in the dog believing they can come and go from the home as they please.

How to Stop Your Dog Running Away

Want to stop your dog from escaping? Here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider which may stop your dog running away.

Secure the Garden

Does your canine companion have a nasty habit of wandering off every time they are in the garden unsupervised? Look around at your outside space and try to determine what escape routes your dog is using. If your fencing is easily burrowed under, consider paving under the fence with stones to reduce the gap. Or, if you believe that your dog is jumping over the fence, then you might need to invest in a higher fence.

Daily Walk Regime

To keep your dog busy during the day, try to establish a daily walk regime with your pooch so they have a set time of the day where they can burn off their energy. It is also good practise to keep your dog on a lead until they have been properly trained to stay on command. This will allow you to assert control when they become excitable, such as if they come across a small animal.

What to Do when Your Dog Runs Away

Your dog running away is always a possibility, no matter how hard you try to stop them. This is why you should always plan for circumstances such as your dog escaping.

Having your four-legged friend micro-chipped will drastically improve your chances of your pet being returned to you should they ever escape from home. It is also important not to shout at or punish them when they return. This can confuse your pet and make them associate returning home as a bad thing, which will, in turn, encourage them not to return next time.

Dog insurance is also useful to have in preparation for a potential dog escape situation, as this will keep you covered against any advertising and reward costs associated with finding them.

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