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Charities we support

See just some of the charities we're proud to say we've helped in the last 20 years, at home and around the world.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The story of bumblebees over the past century has been one of decline. Fortunately, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust is on a mission to create a world where these fuzzy little creatures are thriving and valued.

Cat sat behind bars

Cats Protection

Learn more about the UK's largest feline welfare charity. 

Rhino in a field

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Learn more about the charity that fights wildlife crime and protects endangered species across Africa and Asia.


Learn about FOUR PAWS - Working towards a world in which animals are treated with respect, empathy and understanding.

Dog behind a metal fence

Freshfields Animal Rescue

Read about the charity who want a world where all people protect animals and value nature.

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue

Learn more about the wildlife hospital that works 24/7, 365 days a year.

HART Wildlife Rescue

Read more about the hospital treating over 3,000 wildlife casualties every year.

Man holding an owl

Hawk Conservancy Trust

Learn about how we've helped Hawk Conservancy Trust in their mission to protect birds of prey around the world.

Puppy in a rescue centre

Hope Rescue

Learn about how Hope Rescue helps the most vulnerable dogs in their local communities & finds them new homes.

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