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The Great Out-Paws

Ensuring your pet's safety in The Great Outpaws is incredibly important to us.

Take a look at our collection of useful articles offering expert tips and advice for your pet.

Protect your pet in The Great Outpaws

As dog owners the welcome home at the door will never get old, the cuddles on the sofa on a cold night will never get boring, and we'll always appreciate the help they give without even realising it. Taking them for their daily walk, or two, can seem a bit of a chore on a rainy day but our stresses truly disappear with each step.

Dogs really do take the lead on making sure we're well looked after. With one of our policies you can return the favour and help protect them against the rising cost of vet bills.

Take out a policy with us today where 9 out of 10 of us are owned by a pet.


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Did you know?

Cocker Spaniels are the most accident-prone breed. Click below to learn vital information on how to deal with a dog emergency.


Did you know?

According to our data from 2019, Labradors have the highest number of claims at an average treatment cost of £491. Click below to find out more about your dog’s breed.


Out and about in the woods

Fleas and ticks

Prevention is easier than cure when it comes to these parasites and our partners Joii recommend all year-round treatment. Regardless of whether you suspect you have a problem or you just want to prevent it, Joii offers free vet health assessments to Animal Friends customers, plus you get an exclusive 25% discount* on their recommended all-in-one flea, tick and worm control treatment, only available via vets.

*25% discount is available on the vet recommended products included in the offer. This discount is on the product only - full P&P will still be payable. The product cost can’t be claimed for on your insurance. Animal Friends and Joii reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time.