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The Great Out-Paws

Being with your pet in The Great Out-Paws is a wonderful way for
you both to connect and enjoy each other's company.

Protect your pet in the Great Out-Paws.

Take out a policy with us today where 9 out of 10 of us are owned by a pet.

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Benefits of the Great Out-Paws


It's fair to say our pets are conversation magnets. They could even help you find the one, your very own furry cupid.


Pets, especially dogs, take the lead (quite literally) to get us out and about. After a hard day at the office sometimes fresh air is all you need.


Our pets are there for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From stroking the cat to cuddling the dog, they'll listen, comfort, and help us to unwind. Is there a better medicine?


From helping with fitness to reducing stress, pets are known to improve our mental health. Is there anything they can't do?

The Great Out-Paws

It only takes one word..


As dog owners the welcome home at the door will never get old, the cuddles on the sofa on a cold night will never get boring, and we'll always appreciate the help they give without even realising it. Taking them for their daily walk, or two, can seem a bit of a chore on a rainy day but our stresses truly disappear with each step.

Dogs really do take the lead on making sure we're well looked after. With one of our policies you can return the favour and help protect them against the rising cost of vet bills.

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The Great Out-Paws

Did you know?

The average owner spends 58 minutes a day walking the dog.

75% of owners talk to their dog while on their adventures.


Donated to the
Alabama Rot Research fund.

By Pet People for Pet People

Animal Friends are invested in taking care of animals, wherever they are, that's why we've donated £20,000 to The Alabama Rot Research Fund.

Every dog deserves to enjoy the outdoors with their family and return home safe and sound.

Learn more about Alabama Rot.

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The Great Out-Paws

It only takes one word..


Cats are amazing. Even though they sometimes pretend they don't know us, or turn a snobby nose to the same food you've been serving for the past nine years, their gentle nudges can help ease our tensions. Whether you have an affectionate feline, or a kitty that prefers to be at arms-length, they have the same superhero senses as our canine friends.

You might be pruning plants ready for summer, or simply tidying away the winter leaves, but it can allow you to spend some quality time in the garden with your cat before they disappear on their nightly adventures.

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The Great Out-Paws

Did you know?

Cats can run 3 mph faster than Usain Bolt.

Isaac Newton invented the cat flap after his own cat kept opening the door and spoiling his light experiments.

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