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Celebrating the nation’s unsung heroes

Here at Animal Friends Pet Insurance, protecting animals is at the heart of what we do. Sometimes, these animals protect us, too. That’s why we’re supporting The Thin Blue Paw Awards.

Cat-friendly dog breeds

Is your cat putting you off getting a new dog? Don’t worry, check our round up of the most cat-friendly dog breeds!

The importance of pet insurance

Only 25% of UK dogs are insured, and only 15% of cats are currently covered. We discuss the importance of pet insurance and why your pet might need it.

Hygiene habits of British pet owners revealed!

Some people may find the mere thought of finding a stray animal hair in their food, enough to put them off their meal. But for a third of British pet owners, it’s a frequent occurrence.

Dyson groom tool review

Does the task of hoovering your house seem endless? Looking for a better solution? Read our Dyson Groom Tool Review and see if it could help!

Dangers of fallen leaves, fruits and other autumn hazards

With the last day of summer looming, the mornings are colder, the evenings are darker earlier and soon the leaves will start falling from the trees for those crunchy autumn walks. Here are just some of the hazards our dogs can face in the cooler seasons.

How to balance your pet with your lifestyle

In these modern times we are all getting busier. Between our jobs, families and social calendars it can be difficult to find a moment for ourselves. But what about our pet pals?

The perils of potty training your puppy

Potty training your puppy can be complicated and confusing for the owner and the dog. You always see tips and tricks on what to do but what are the most common mistakes when potty training a pet?"

The importance of regularly getting your pet weighed

Our pet’s weight can be a great indicator of their health, so it's really important to make sure we keep an eye on their weight. Weight loss and weight gain can all be signs of a medical condition, read our blog on why you should regularly get your pet weighed.