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All our news, opinion pieces, reviews and personal stories behind our dogs.

Affordable family activities to do with your pet

Ways to entertain the family and enjoy small moments of joy without breaking the bank.

Do pets have a sense of time?

Is there a science behind our pet’s senses and do they know when the minutes turn into hours?

Dog safety on springtime walks

A guest blog from Dog Furiendly all about keeping your pooch safe while out and about on walks. 

Joii guest blog: Keeping my bestie hydrated

Joii Vet, Nienke Oostra, tells us how she keeps her collie healthy, injury free and, most importantly, well hydrated?

Fleamageddon: DIY flea fumigation

Read all about a member of staff's attempts at fumigating their house. 

Top tricks, hacks and tips on taking photos of your pet

Our top tips on taking the best pictures of your pet, just like the professionals do.

Sustainable things to buy your pet

Learn all about spoiling your pet while caring for the planet. 

Animal Friends cover for retired police dogs

With thousands of police dogs working on average 40 hours a week in forces across the country, it might come as a surprise to know that these canines often struggle to find the right care or insurance once they retire.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for pet owners

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, find inspiration for pet-friendly gifts to buy the mother who's a devoted pet-parent!