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Why exercise is so important for pet weight loss

Exercise is good for your pet, providing plenty of benefits like reducing anxiety, stress and other behavioural problems, helping with their joints, reducing digestive problems and most importantly, it keeps your dog or cat stay at a healthy weight.

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Ways to support a friend after losing a pet

Finding the words to console a friend who’s lost a loved one is hard, and it can be just as difficult to support a friend after the loss of a pet. Here are some ways to help your friend get through a tough time.

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Toxic treats lead to porky pets

Chocolate, curry and crisps are all delicious snacks, but did you know they are harmful to dogs and if eaten, can result in seizures and obesity?

Superhero pet names

To celebrate Marvel fans everywhere, we have assembled some of the top comic-inspired names given to the pets we insure.

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Joii Pet Care: Behavioural consultation

As part of our partnership with Joii Pet Care, we are proud to be able to offer our dog policyholders exclusive separation anxiety sessions with Joii’s in-house behavioural specialist Natalie Light.

PawTection product review

Have you tried the Natural Dog Company 'Pawtection'? We got our in-house tester, Marvel, to help us with the product review. See if it worked.

Silent fireworks: how do they help?

We look at whether so-called 'silent fireworks' are worth the hype, and how they could help your human and furry family enjoy bonfire night!

Bark Aid

We want to tell you all about how we’re teaming up with Dog Furiendly to help raise funds for three phenomenal animal charities and how you can get involved, too.

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How to stop separation anxiety in dogs

There are a few things you can do to help stop your dog from developing separation anxiety.