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Buster Catrine Treat Ball Review

The Buster Catrine treat ball will help stimulate your cat’s curiosity as its unpredictable rolls dispense treats randomly. As a cat has to chase the toy, it can support a cat’s controlled diet and help fight pet obesity. The ball’s difficulty can be changed depending on the treat’s size or the cat’s hunting ability.

Price: £7.90-£8.99 (depending on stockist)

Ease of use



Entertainment value

Our rating


Really easy to use
Suitable for cats and kittens
Option to adjust the difficulty
Encourages exercise
The cat could lose interest
Can be fiddly to work properly
Scratches really easily
Can be noisy on wooden floors

What we like about the product

As Dave is a kitten, the Buster Catrine is really simple for him to get his head around making it a simple game for him to enjoy with us or by himself. We like that you can twist the screw dispenser mechanism to choose the size of the hole where the treats would come from, meaning you can actually change the difficulty of the toy to suit your cat’s ability or tailor it to the size of the treats.

What we don’t like about the product

Dave did lose interest quite quickly in the ball, but he is a kitten so we do have to remember that his attention span, stubbornness and need of a fuss will all play a part in how long he is willing to play. As the Buster Catrine is plastic and we decided to play outside as it was a nice day, so this resulted in quite a lot of scratches on the ball. This doesn’t affect its use, but as this was from Dave’s first play with it, we can see it getting more as time goes on.

The final verdict

It’s a simple toy that’s not too hard for any cat to master with its unpredictable rolls an interesting challenge for experienced cats. For the price, we think the Buster Catrine is worth having and might provide entertainment for your cat.


David, or Bowie, is still just a kitten. He lives with four dogs but still rules the roost and tells them what’s what. His favourite things include chasing leaves blowing in the wind, sleeping in sun and going on nightly wanders. David leads a very simple life, but we wouldn’t have him any other way.