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Cat Scratching Cardboard House Product Review

Cat Scratching Cardboard House by PetPlanet offers a great scratching alternative to your chairs, cabinets or carpet!  It comes with catnip to help entice your cat to inspect their new toy and once they’re done with scratching it’s a great place for them to hide or nap.

Ease of use




Our rating


Really easy to assemble
Looks pretty
Catnip is an added bonus!
Quite small for a larger cat
Not engaging enough
Quite flimsy


What we like about the product

The house was really easy to assemble (which is lucky as it doesn’t come with any instructions!). My cats, as with many others, love to play with cardboard boxes so the cat house is a much prettier alternative! I really love the design, how it’s been made to look like a real house and the cat scratching pad is a brilliant addition – with any luck it might stop the cats from wanting to scratch my new carpet, especially with the added allure of the catnip that comes with the set! For the price, it’s a really sweet looking product, with a lot of attention to detail in the decorations!

What we don’t like about the product

Although the design is great, even the allure of catnip couldn’t keep the cats interested in the house for long! In terms of providing a safe hiding space for the cats, with the ends both open and the house itself being quite small, I’m not sure they’ll get the protection that they would be after once the trick or treaters start knocking on the door, or when the fireworks start at the beginning of next month. The cardboard is a bit flimsy too and I’m not sure how much of a vigorous scratching the scratchpad would be able to take – we haven’t been able to test this to the extreme yet as Poppy was incredibly unimpressed once the house was set up and retreated back to the garden and Lulu thought the cardboard box the house arrived in was far more entertaining! It would appear that I like the house more than they do! Perhaps a dangly toy or something similar in the house would’ve kept them amused for a little longer.

The final verdict

It’s a really pretty alternative to having cardboard boxes littered around the house but unfortunately, neither of my cats seemed interested in exploring it again after the first 5 minutes of intrigue! That being said, it will definitely be kept out as I’m sure that once the midnight zoomies kick in they’ll have great fun running through it, climbing over it and generally putting it through its paces.

Lulu and Poppy

Believe it or not, despite their appearances, Lulu (ginger fluff-ball) and Poppy are littermates! We got them when they were kittens and they’re now 7 years old. Lulu is a total floozy, she loves nothing more than posing on our front gate getting attention from all of our neighbours. Lulu is always the first one up on the sofa at the end of the day and she loves getting cuddles. Poppy couldn’t be more different, she’s the definition of a ‘proper cat’ – she’s aloof, knows her own mind and will only come for cuddles when the mood takes her – this makes those very rare cuddles even more special though!