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HoneyGuaridan Automatic Pet Water Fountain review

Product summary

The HoneyGuaridan Automatic Pet Water Fountain offers cats flowing water to encourage them to drink. With three different settings; continuous, motion detection and intermittent, there is something to suit most owners and their pets.

The carbon filter ensures the water stays fresh and eliminates any bad tastes or smell, making staying hydrated a pleasant experience for any fussy felines.

£29.99- £40 (depending on retailer)

Ease of use




Our rating


Different dispensing settings
Encourages cats to drink
Quiet when on
Provides a calm environment
A quick success
Clinical design
Filters need changing regularly
Might not work for all cats
Requires frequent cleaning
Difficult to find filters to buy

What we like about the product

There wasn’t much unnecessary packaging to unravel, recycle or dispose of when it arrived which is always good.

Once I’d managed to put it all together and switched on, I was surprised by how quiet the fountain was! There was hardly any noise at all from the pump or the water and the flow of the water was also nice and calm.

Within a few minutes of setting this fountain down on the floor Dave the cat went to investigate and had a good drink, which means it’s a success in my eyes!

Topping up with more water was easy to do and it was good to see that the water doesn’t splash and end up on the floor.

Its three different settings let you choose whether to have a constant flow of water, for the fountain to start dispensing once it detects your pet or to have an intermittent circulation of water every 30 minutes.

The fountain’s light will let you know which setting is on and turns red if it’s running low on water.

What we don’t like about the product

The fountain arrived in a very uninspiring package and I was a little underwhelmed with the design of this fountain as it looked very clinical and more suited as some sort of minimalistic home.

When putting it together, there were only a couple of instructions and I was totally stumped with where the cables went and that took a fair few minutes to work out (though in hindsight it does seem obvious now, it wasn’t at the time!).

Looking online, it seems to be quite difficult to find filters in stock and ready to be delivered. If this does happen when you desperately need a clean filter, it won’t keep the water as clean and you might have to swap back to a regular bowl until you’re able to get some.

The final verdict

Personally, I would buy the HoneyGuaridan Water Fountain as Dave frequently drunk out of it. It was nice and quiet, and the water didn’t evaporate as quickly as other fountains or make a mess around the base of the fountain.


David, Little Dave, Dave or Dee Dee joined our family in 2014 when she was 2 years old and we were her third home. She is quite a reserved cat will sit on your lap when she is tired or cold but wouldn’t appreciate being carried about or cuddled. Dave enjoys nothing more than a tickle under the chin, chasing mice in the garden and sunbathing.