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Spider Cat Interactive Toy Product Review

This orange spider toy is a great way to get your cat to join in on some Halloween fun! It can be dangled by you, their owner, or clipped onto chairs or other pieces of furniture for your cat to try and swipe or capture their spider prey. The bright pom-pom body is designed to catch your cat’s attention while the elastic coil lets your cat pull as much as they’d like but it will always find a way back to its original position.

Ease of use




Our rating


Really engaging cat toy
Strong elastic string
Fun Halloween theme design
The legs fall off

What we like about the product 

From the moment I got this product out of its box, I knew Lulu was sold! She couldn’t wait for me to get into it and hand it over for playtime. It’s got everything a crazy cat could ever wish for  springy string, brightly coloured pompom, sparkly legs and a bell!  

What we don’t like about the product  

Unfortunately, Lulu got a little overexcited on her first use of the toy and 3 of the legs fell off within the first couple of seconds. There isn’t any way of reattaching them, so the spider is looking a little bit sorry for itself now! That being said, Lulu had great fun playing with the discarded legs and still seems to love her new Halloween toy very much.  

The final verdict 

A really fun and engaging toy which I know Lulu will have hours of fun playing with, even if the spider does end up totally limbless within a matter of days!  


We got Lulu when she was a kitten and despite her being a slightly older lady now (almost 8 years old) she’s still a crazy little kitten at heart.  Lulu can go from a wild beast doing zoomies around the house to a total softy – loving nothing more than curling up on the sofa for big cuddles at the end of the day. Lulu is also a complete floozy, she loves posing on our front gate getting attention from all of our neighbours, she’s even been known to go home with them on occasion and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to go and retrieve her from a neighbours sofa!