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The Catit Senses Treat Maze Review

The Catit Senses Treat Maze provides your cat with stimulation and plenty of entertainment for you as you get to watch them work for their treats. With adjustable difficulty, it’s a toy that works for beginner food hunters and those with a little more experience. It encourages their inquisitive and playful nature as it needs to use its paws to search and reach the treats hidden inside the maze.

Price: £4.99-£6.49 (depending on stockist)

Ease of use



Entertainment value

Our rating


Can be added to other Catit Senses products
Suitable for cats and kittens
Option to adjust the difficulty
Can be challenging
The cat could lose interest
Might not work for bigger cats

What we like about the product

A challenging puzzle that’s simple in design, the Catit Senses Treat Maze has different plates that offer adjustable difficulty, so you can choose which would best suit your cat’s foraging skills. It’s really easy to take part, remove the REPLACE that you won’t be using, slot the lid back into place and fill it with some yummy treats for your cat. Then, when it’s time for a clean you just need to take it all apart and give it all a good scrub.

Don’t do what I did and leave one of the plates on top of the other when we first used it, as I think this put Dave off. Always read the instructions!

What we don’t like about the product

Dave lost interest quite quickly in the Maze, even after my readjusting once I’d figured out that I had set it up wrong. Looking at the holes and how the trickier plate is designed, we don’t think it would be suitable for bigger cat breeds who have larger paws.

As it’s transparent, this can make it harder for cats to find the openings which might be part of the challenge, but Dave wasn’t a fan of not being able to reach the treats as quickly as he would like.

The final verdict

While David lost interest in the maze, for the price we think even if a cat isn’t overly keen at first it’s still not too bad. We would definitely think twice before buying if it was a more expensive product but we still hope David shows some more interest in the toy as he grows.


David, or Bowie, is still just a kitten. He lives with four dogs but still rules the roost and tells them what’s what. His favourite things include chasing leaves blowing in the wind, sleeping in sun and going on nightly wanders. David leads a very simple life, but we wouldn’t have him any other way.