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How kittens learn to hunt

a kitten playing with string

If you’ve had cats before and they ventured outside you probably received a gift or two in the form of a deceased bird or rodent. These treats are delicacies and your cat knows you wouldn’t have been able to catch it yourself, but how do they get these skills in the first place?

Learning from mum

When your kitten was still with its mum and siblings it would have observed its mother’s behaviour. From bringing home gifts she’d hunted for her children or simply playing with toys in front of them, the kittens would have been watching closely and storing any top tips for future reference.

A kitten’s hunting instincts

Just like cats in the wild hunting is part of their instincts and all kittens usually show some interest in predatory behaviour, something you might have noticed already. This play will help your kitten learn how to hunt so make sure to help keep that inner hunter engage with toys.

When playing turns to hunting

As they grow hunting becomes more important than playing, especially when out and about on their own. But, rest assured, once they’re satisfied their hunting need for the day they’ll happily participate in some fun and games.

a cat stalking along a fence

How do cats hunt?

You may have seen a local cat hunt while doing the school run or popping out to the shops. They first locate the prey that takes their fancy. Then, they’ll need to get closer so will get as low as possible to stay unnoticed. The last, crucial step to a successful hunt is the final sprint to catch the victim.

How can you satisfy a cat’s hunting instincts?

Some kittens won’t be able to learn the basics of hunting with their mother, especially if they’re a rescue, but you can help with their development.

You’ll be able to find some instruments to help in your local pet shop or supermarket. Think like balls, toy mice, or a feather attached to a string can stimulate your cat and you get to spend some quality time together.

It’s inevitable that your cat will bring home an animal one day and there’s no way of stopping it from happening unless you’re planning to keep your cat indoors. If that’s the plan, then it’s important to keep them entertained and exercised with toys and indoor challenges.

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