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Understanding eye conditions in cats

Understanding eye conditions in senior cats

Handy hints and tips for spotting eye conditions in older cats.

A ginger cat lying down

Is it bad to move a cat while it is asleep?

When your cat falls asleep on your lap, it can be heart-breaking to move them. But is it really a bad thing to wake up your cat whilst they're sleeping?

Why are cats associated with witches?

The popularity of cats at Halloween has everything to do with their association with witches, but how did this begin? We explore this pairing in detail.

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Why does my cat rub their face on me?

Why do cats rub their face on you? Is it really a sign of affection? Our blog post will give you an insight into this mysterious, yet loving behaviour.

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Plants and bulbs to avoid

Many spring plants and flowers can be dangerous for dogs and cats to ingest. Here is a guide to plants and bulbs your pet should avoid at this time of year.

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Treatment for worms in cats

Infestations of worms can cause a variety of symptoms in cats. They can go undetected but may lead to a serious health problem if left untreated.

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Why does my cat snore?

What does it mean when your cat snores? Can it be sign of illness? Our snoring blog post gives you all the information on this slightly amusing behaviour.

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5 signs your pet has seen a ghost

As it's Curious Events Day and with the run-up to Halloween, do you know the tell-tale signs that your pet might have seen a ghost?

Healthy treat hacks for your cat

We’ve put together a guide to help you understand which human food that you can use as treats for your feline