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Things to consider before getting a kitten

Do you know how much kittens cost to look after and what you’ll do when you go on holiday? Here are some things to consider before getting a kitten.

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The most popular cat breeds

We compiled data from our policyholders to find out what the most popular cat breeds are in the UK. We look at the British Shorthair, Ragdoll and more.

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Why isn’t anyone adopting black cats?

Did you know that black cats at rescue centres are less likely to find a home than other coloured cats? We explore some of the reasons we should celebrate black cats instead.

What are the most vocal cat breeds?

We all know our cats like to be quite loud when trying to get our attention, but what are the most vocal cat breeds? In our latest blog post, we find out!

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Keeping it safe: our new microchipping feature

When you move house, changing your pet’s microchip details is not usually top of the list of things to do. But it should be.

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What can I do to make my cat feel less lonely?

Do you leave your cat alone for long periods throughout the day? Here's how to make your cat feel less lonely, and distract them from ruining your home.

Spaying cats: the procedure

Spaying your cat has many benefits, including helping to reduce the population of unwanted animals and the spreading of disease.

The pros and cons of spaying

It’s never easy to decide whether you wish to put your pet through spaying surgery. We hope this guide will help you decide what is right for your pet.

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30 cat facts you didn’t know

Although they are popular pets around the world, even the most experienced owner will be amazed by these fantastic cat facts!