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Our Animal Friends: Apollo the Cat

Apollo the Cat

Your name and department: Aimee Smith – Claims

Your pet’s name: Apollo – aka Squirt

How old is he:  He will be 2 years old in April 2016

Breed: British Short Hair

What does he look like: A chubby Black Tipped coloured British Short Hair

What is his favourite…

Toy: His bright pink Kong Kickeroo, he also uses it as his pillow for naps.

Food: Anything and everything! Hence why he is so chubby!

Thing to do: He loves to chase shadows and lights! Especially chasing them up walls when we are sleeping

Tell us your favourite story about your pet:  I was cooking one evening and thought that we had a leak in the kitchen as I kept getting splashes of water on my face and shoulder.  After looking at the ceiling for ages I noticed out the corner of my eye Apollo was standing at the sink, swatting the drips as they fell from the tap! He has very good aim!

Has your pet ever had an illness, accident or injury? Tell us about it.

Apollo has been diagnosed with mild Hip Dysplasia which is quite rare in cats. He is luckily not on any medication, however we do have to keep a close eye on him and his weight.  Not so easy with a cat that eats everything in sight!!

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