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The Cat That Saved a Boy, and Other Brave Pets

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There are plenty of amazing stories about heroic pets leaping to the aid of their owners. Below you’ll find a few more inspirational pet tales:

Smoky the Dog

Smoky, a tiny Yorkshire terrier, was living large in New Guinea until he was domesticated by soldier Bill Wynne. After training her, Smoky accompanied Wynne for two years during World War II. She helped to entertain the troops and keep spirits high in awful conditions, while also saving Wynne’s life on at least one occasion the brave Yorkshire terrier warned him of a transport ship fire. She received honours for her bravery, and has a statue in Wynne’s home of Lakewood, Ohio.

Bart the Cat

A few years ago, high school student Jose Ybara was laying in his bed in Illinois. He was hit by a sudden, life-threatening seizure, and needed urgent help. However, the incident was noticed by Bart, the Ybara family’s cat. He immediately ran into Jose’s mother’s room, licked her eyelids and patted her until she woke up and could run to the aid of her son. Thanks to Bart’s quick thinking, Jose made it to hospital and his life was saved.

Hachiko the Dog

Last but not least is Hachiko, believed by many to be the most loyal dog that has ever lived. Hachiko lived in Tokyo, and would travel on his own every day to Shibuya Station to meet his owner when he finished work. Sadly, Hachiko’s owner died in 1925 while at work and didn’t make it home. From that point on, Hachiko visited the station every day, waiting for his owner to return. The locals treat Hachiko as something of a local legend, and a statue of this proud pooch now stands at Shibuya Station.


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