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Why do cats love cardboard boxes and other quirks?

Why do cats love cardboard boxes and other quirks?

You might be able to count the times you’ve received a delivery, opened the box to get your mitts on your order only to find your cat’s suddenly gone missing. There’s a 99% chance they ended up in the empty packaging you left unattended.

It doesn’t matter what kind of box, either. They like small boxes, big boxes, long boxes, short boxes. Any box. What is it with cats and cardboard boxes?

A cat’s hunting behaviour

When our cat is out and about on their daily adventures they hunt, and we often receive gifts if their hunts are successful. Well, they sometimes like to replicate this behaviour while inside, too, and that’s where a cardboard box comes in.

The outdoors often offers hiding places to help them with their hunts and they could be using the box for this very reason, waiting for the perfect moment to ambush any passing prey.

Warmth and comfort

Cardboard boxes act like a cat’s perfect insulator, meaning it will provide them with warmth and comfort that other places might not be able to offer. It’s the same idea as our cat lying in the sun rather than the shade or getting cosy on cushions or pillows.

Hiding away from problems

Cats, as independent as they are, don’t like dealing with conflict and would much rather hide from their problems. A cardboard box offers an ideal shelter from any hostile situations, crowded spaces, or any unwanted attention.

Other funny quirks

There are plenty of other behaviours our cats like to demonstrate, some you’re probably familiar with.


Ah, the zoomies. Cats won’t stop for anything or anyone that gets in their way and will run, jump and zoom around the place. This is because they sleep a lot, more than half of their day is spent snoozing, and once in a while all of that pent-up energy just explodes.


There might be no scientific reason why our cats like hoarding things, from pens and pencils to toys and treats, but a lot of owners have noticed this behaviour in their cats. Some think it might have something to do with cats mistaking the objects as prey and keeping them in a place where they feel safe.

For more quirks and strange behaviour from our feline friends read our “Why does my cat” blog all about questions from new cat owners.

Why do cats love cardboard boxes and other quirks? 1


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