Here to support you and your pets - business as usual at Animal Friends. To help us minimise any impact for our customers, we ask that you avoid where possible sending claims to us via post during this time unless absolutely necessary. Pawtal, our online claims system for vets, is still the fastest way to process a claim. Please speak to your vet to submit the claim at

Dog insurance Dog insurance Dog insurance

Dog insurance

Pets are part of the family so buying dog insurance can bring peace of mind against unexpected vets bills.

  • Cover for puppies from 4 weeks old
  • We can pay your vet claim directly
  • Founded to donate to animal charities
  • Voted “Best Pet Insurance” at the Personal Finance Awards 2018/19

We have 4 types of policy with various levels of cover to suit your budget as well as your dog's needs. Please see our policy comparison table below, to see the different cover options available.

Accident Only Pet Insurance Accident Only

  • Covers vet fees for accidents.
  • Does not cover illnesses, diseases or have any other benefits.
  • Covers £2,500 per accident per year.
  • A lifetime limit of £15,000 per accident.
  • Any pre-existing conditions will not be covered.
Limits offered
£2,500 per accident £15,000 lifetime
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Time Limited Pet Insurance Time Limited

  • Cover for accidents, illnesses and conditions for 365 days or until the condition limit is reached.
  • There is also an annual combined payout limit – once reached, cover stops for all claims until the next policy year.
  • Upon renewing the policy, cover for eligible conditions continues.
  • Any pre-existing conditions will not be covered.
Limits offered
£1,000 - £4,000
per condition
dependent on chosen policy
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Max Benefit Pet Insurance Max Benefit

  • Cover for accidents, illnesses and conditions up to the specified cover limit, while the policy is active.
  • When a condition’s claim limit is reached, you will not be able to claim for that condition again.
  • Any pre-existing conditions will not be covered.
Limits offered
£1,000 - £4,000
per condition
dependent on chosen policy
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Lifetime Pet Insurance Lifetime

  • Our most comprehensive pet insurance.
  • Offers continuous cover against accidents and illnesses while the policy is active.
  • Each condition has an annual limit, refreshed when you renew the policy.
  • Any pre-existing conditions will not be covered.
  • Any condition that develops during the life of your policy with us may no longer be covered if you change provider.
Limits offered
£1,000 - £6,000
per condition, per year
dependent on chosen policy
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Pet insurance premiums increase as your pet gets older, as the chance of your pet getting ill increases. A co-payment is currently payable on claims if you renew your policy after your dog turns 8 or your cat turns 10.

How much cover do you need?

It is vital that you choose a cover level that is appropriate for both your dog and your budget. This way, should the worst happen to your canine friend, you can ensure that you are prepared…

Find out how much vet fees may cost.

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We have a range of competitively-priced dog insurance policies designed to cater to your pet and pocket, with cover for vet fees ranging from £1,000 to £6,000 per condition depending on the chosen plan.

Many of our policies include extra benefits such as Public Liability, Theft and Straying and Holiday Cover - providing extra protection and assistance to complement your cover limit.

We can insure dogs aged between 4 weeks and 28 years, so check out our policies, get a quote, and find out just how affordable insuring your dog can be!

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Full policy summaries including what's covered, what's not covered, policy limits and policy wording definitions.

Did you know?

We have over 20 years experience

Animal Friends Pet Insurance was founded in 1998, exclusively providing pet insurance for over 20 years

Founded to support animal charities

Founded with the sole aim of providing pet insurance as a means to help support animal welfare charities

The ethical choice

To date we have donated over £4 million to over 300 animal welfare charities across 7 continents

Friendly UK-based team

We are ready to help, we are all animal lovers

Our pet insurance awards

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