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Dog Insurance Policies

Are you looking for top dog insurance from a reliable insurer? We aim to provide the best pet insurance for dogs that we can, with a range of policies that you can choose from to protect your dog from unexpected veterinary fees and much more. This ensures you have you more time to spend training and playing with your dog and less time panicking about unforeseen costs.

The team here at Animal Friends know that when your pet is unwell it can affect the whole family. Whether they’re not up to their usual mischievous antics or simply not eating like usual, it can give you peace of mind to know that numerous health conditions can be covered with our dog insurance policies.

Will You Insure Puppies and Older Dogs?

Bringing your brand new puppy home is really exciting and although the need for food, toys and bedding is often the most obvious, getting quality dog insurance for the newest member of the family is essential.  We have puppy insurance policies that are available for younger dogs and we look to insure from the age of 5 weeks old.

We will also cover any dog over the age of 8 and due to our senior dog insurance policies having no upper age limit, you can spend as much time possible loving and caring for your beloved pet without it being an expensive exercise!

Save with Multi-Pet Insurance

Looking to give your dog a new friend to play with? We have great news for you – our multi-pet dog insurance offer means that we can give you a special 10% discount on your premiums* when you insure more than one furry friend with us. A multi-pet home isn’t as expensive as you might think!

How Do I Pay?

Our cheap dog insurance policies are designed to cater your pet and pocket without it being a lengthy and time-consuming process and means we truly are the top dog for insurance!

In order to make payment quick and easy, we now accept card payments and PayPal when you pay your premium as a single annual payment. If you prefer, you can choose our monthly, interest-free direct debit option.

We believe that everyone should be able to have some kind of dog insurance policy, which is why we have a range of policies for you to choose from. These are split into three categories:



Our Accident-Only policy for dogs offers cover for veterinary fees you incur if your dog has an accident; you will not be covered if your dog falls ill. Should they suddenly need medical attention, this insurance policy can help with the costs.


Our Time-Limited dog insurance policies typically have mid-range premiums and will provide cover for veterinary fees you incur if your dog has an accident or falls ill. Time-limited means that any one illness or condition is covered for 365 days from the date the condition first manifested itself.


Our Lifetime insurance policies for dogs will also provide cover for veterinary fees you incur if your dog has an accident or falls ill. It will cover you against the ongoing cost of treating long-term conditions. Lifetime means that any one illness or condition is covered year after year up to a limit per condition that ‘refreshes’ annually upon renewal.

Not only do we provide the best pet insurance for dogs but when you take out a policy with Animal Friends, we provide support for many more animals too!

We’ve donated in excess of £2.5 million to dog and animal shelters/charities all over the world, from Dogs Trust here in the UK to NOWZAD in Afghanistan. That’s what makes Animal Friends the Feel Good insurer!

Our dog insurance policies are all subject to terms and conditions explained in the Key Facts and Policy Wordings.

*This excludes Accident-only, Basic and Rider-only policies.


*This excludes Accident-only, Basic and Rider-only policies.