Yorkshire Terrier breed guide


Up to 8.97 inches (to shoulder)


Males and females up to 6.6lbs


Between 12 and 16 years

Yorksire Terrier


Yorkshire Terriers, also knowns as Yorkies, are one of the most lovable breeds in England. An old British breed, they were developed by crossing three Terriers – the Skye, the Manchester and the Dandie Dinmont.

Originally, the breed was used to hunt rodents in Yorkshire mines and cotton mills. Then, Yorkies became companion dogs and were very fashionable in the Victorian age.

The Kennel Club finally recognised the breed in 1886 and the Yorkie first appeared at an English dog show in 1861, entered as a Broken-Haired Scotch Terrier.

The present name was given in 1870 when a reporter for The Field wrote ‘They ought no longer to be called Scotch Terriers but Yorkshire Terriers for having been so improved there’.

They quickly became fashionable dogs for high society ladies, as they were playful, easily picked up and pretty.


Well-proportioned dogs, Yorkshire Terriers are small, with a flat head, strong jaw and a little black nose.

They have long, straight glossy coats, small ears and a docked tail of medium length. The hair on their head is very long and can often be seen tied with a bow on top of its head, to clear the eyes.

Puppies are born black and brown and after two years, have characteristics of golden-brown and metallic grey.


These highly-energetic little dogs are brave and intelligent, as well as cheerful and alert, making wonderful pets.

They enjoy being treated with affection and are very obedient to their owners, getting along very well with children and other animals but they do not like to be left alone for long periods.

Often, if they sense danger or if unfamiliar people come near them, they will bark.

Things to watch out for

Yorkshire Terriers are very sensitive to the cold weather, so need to wear protective clothing.

Their long hair may require frequent grooming to avoid knots and owners will need to be careful to tie up the hair from around their eyes so that they can see.

Is a Yorkshire Terrier good for me?

If you want a family-friendly dog that can be easily trained, the Yorkshire Terrier is a fantastic option for you!

Due to their size, they are well suited to people living in flats and apartments, and they also make super guard dogs. However, their size means that they only enjoy short walks so could adapt to less active owners.

You will need to be able to dedicate spend time grooming them daily or get their fur trimmed regularly.

Did you know?

Yorkshire Terriers do not shed their hair which, if left, can grow two feet long!

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