Photo illustration of a vet examining a dog

Dog health problems

From their teeth to their toes and everything in between, there is a lot that can affect our dog’s health.

Basic first aid for dogs

Learn the basics of first aid for dogs - contents needed for a first aid kit, plus how to treat common injuries while you get them to the vets

Arthritis in dogs: symptoms to look for

Discover the symptoms of arthritis, and learn how to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible

Vomiting in dogs


Examining the causes of vomiting, treating the condition and if there is any way of preventing it from happening.

Toxic ingestion

Discussing the common cases of toxic ingestion in dogs, the symptoms, causes, prevention methods, plus listing common toxic foods to avoid

Skin problems & allergies

We look at the various skin conditions dogs can suffer, their cause, symptoms, treatment and any possible prevention to take.

Bones, Joints and Mobility Problems

Learn about bones, joints and mobility problems in dogs - the symptoms, cause, treatment and prevention.

Seizures and Epilepsy

We take a look at Seizures and Epilepsy - the symptoms, cause, treatment and any possible prevention.

Hepatitis (Rubarth's Disease)

We look at Infectious Canine Hepatitis (ICH or "Rubarth's Disease") - the symptoms, cause, treatment and prevention.

Heart Conditions

We look at the most common heart conditions in dogs, including symptoms, cause, treatment and prevention.