Photo illustration of a vet examining a dog

Dog health problems

From their teeth to their toes and everything in between, there is a lot that can affect our dog’s health.

Insect bites and stings

In summer your pet will encounter more insects - discover the most common types, and how to treat their bites and stings

How Can a Pet Get Parasites?

There are many parasites that your pet may be susceptible to, which can be caught and spread through various means. Here is a list of the most common types.

How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Is your dog overweight? Here are a few ways you can help your dog lose weight at home.

Canine cruciate ligament disease or injury

Like many athletes/sportsmen injury to cruciate ligaments can occur in our dogs, here are the symptoms to look out for, repair options and what to expect when your dog is recovering.

Brachycephalic dogs and the health risks

We explain what dog breeds are brachycephalic and some of the health risks that are often linked to shortened snouts and flattened faces.

A Guide on Deafness in Dogs

A guide on deafness in dogs. Their hearing capabilities are slightly different to humans. This means that they can hear sounds at a higher pitch, a prime example being a dog whistle.

Seizures in dogs

Learn how to recognise the signs of a seizure and the actions to take if your dog has one


Hernias can differ in severity, from mild discomfort to life-threatening - discover the causes, symptoms and treatment.

Dysplasia in dogs

Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment of dysplasia, plus techniques to manage the pain and improve quality of life