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Be Cool / Rainy Days

Summer isn’t all sunshine and days at the seaside, we do occasionally (maybe mostly) have some rainy days. So, some adventures are delayed, waiting for a perfect day. Or, maybe you’re tired from all of the adventures you’ve already had, so a sofa day is needed. Whichever it is, we have some indoor activities to … Continued

Be Cool / Nina Ottosson Spinny Review

Be Cool / Pet Qwerks Incredibubbles Review


Ownership / Spending on pets increases with the over-65s leading the way

Spending on pets increases, with the over-65s leading the way

A new study by the Office for National Statistics has shown that household spending has increased, and is now matching our habits from before the recession. Interestingly this seems to be great news for our pets! The over-65s are leading the way in consumer spending, who spend around a fifth of their disposable income on … Continued

Animal Welfare / Microbeads have been banned in the UK

Microbeads have been banned in the UK

On the 9th January 2018, the use of microbeads in cosmetics and skincare was banned in the UK. The new law means that these products can no longer be manufactured, and they will be barred from sale form July this year. But what are microbeads, and why are they being banned? You might have seen these tiny … Continued

Guide / Do Office Pets Bring Benefits?

Most people love to greet dogs with a friendly smile and a good pat on the head. But how do you feel about having pets in the office? Well, we asked 2,000 office workers that very thing and their responses were interesting. In fact, we found that a third of UK businesses – that’s 1.7 … Continued

Products & Equipment / Pet Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Christmas might seem far away but there’s only three Saturdays left to go! The weeks will soon fly by and before we know it we’ll be snuggling into bed on Christmas Eve. Here at Animal Friends we love spoiling our pets and taking on the role of Santa Paws, so we’ve put together a pet … Continued

Christmas / How pampered will your pet be this Christmas?

How far are you willing to go to keep your pets happy over the festive season? It turns out that many pet owners would rather splash the cash on their pets rather than those close to them this yuletide. Our latest survey has found that three quarters of UK pets are set to be showered … Continued

Care / Product Review: Pawbo+ Interactive Pet Camera

Here at Animal Friends, we are always searching for great pet products to review so when we received the Pawbo we couldn’t wait to try it! The camera was beautifully packed and even Marvel came over to have a nosey as to what we were unpacking. So, let’s see how the Pawbo+ Interactive Pet Camera … Continued

Animal Welfare / How are you protecting your pet this bonfire night?

How are you protecting your pet this bonfire night?

As the night of gunpowder, treason and plot approaches it seems that pet owners may not be quite as excited about the nights festivities as you may think. Our survey found that over two thirds of pet owners want to see fireworks banned unless it is in a controlled environment. Which is not a surprising … Continued

Cat / Fantastic Furry Facts You Might Not Know

Here at Animal Friends we love learning new furry facts about our fluffy friends. We’ve put together a list of furry facts about both cats and dogs that we found extra interesting. From famous dogs to interesting cats we have a list that will surprise a few pet owners! Ragamuffin The Ragamuffin is a cat … Continued

Dog / Are you aware of the new dog poo laws?

Are you guilty of not picking up your pet’s poo? Our new survey has discovered that one in four Brits refuse to pick up their pet’s waste, with Gloucester being revealed as the UK’s worst for cleaning up after their pets. Just under half (47%) of the respondents from South West city have claimed that … Continued