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10 amazing things you never knew dogs could do

a dog jumping in the air

Our canine friends are very clever animals, and their ability to remember handfuls of tricks and perform them on demand is pretty impressive. Dogs are more than just pets to some people and are quite literally lifesavers. We take a look at some of the reasons they earned their title of man’s best friend.

Saving the bees

We all know how important bees are, vital to pollinating crops and have a key role in producing much of the food that we eat. We also know their numbers are declining and dogs are helping tackle this before it’s too late.

Dogs have now been trained to detect a killer bee disease just by using their amazing nose. American Foulbrood is killing bee larvae around the world and if detected early enough, quarantine is essential to save the bees.

Predict epileptic fits

Some dogs have been trained to bark to alert someone who has epilepsy when they’re about to have a seizure. Some dogs have learnt to put their body between the individual and the floor in order to break the fall at the start of a seizure. They become the person’s alarm system, helper and protector, true canine heroes.

Sense earthquakes

Some believe that thanks to a dog’s amazing hearing they can hear the movements of rocks underground just before an earthquake strikes.

Apparently, it depends on the dog and its ears, as those with floppy ears heard the sounds less than dogs with pricked ears. So, a Basset Hound might be a little slower than a German Shepherd.

Understanding our commands

The average trained dog knows about 165 words and Border Collies, Poodles and German Shepherds are amongst the smartest dogs. Furry brainboxes!

a dog on its hind legs

Sense fear

Don’t worry, your dog doesn’t have magical psychic powers where they can read your mind, it’s all about the pheromones you’re emitting. When we’re frightened our blood starts pumping faster thanks to our adrenaline, which then releases a load of pheromones which our dogs can smell.

Change in weather

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, especially considering their fantastic hearing an incredible sense of smell. Basically, when the weather changes so do the chemicals in the air, which is what our dogs can smell.

When a storm arrives, our dogs probably knew it was on its way a good half an hour before we heard thunder, this is thanks to their keen hearing.

Help with anxiety and depression

If you own a dog you probably already know how they can change our lives for the better, but they also come with some mental and physical health benefits, too. Pets help us reduce stress, anxiety and depression while also ease our loneliness and encourage some light exercise.

Sense of time

Our dogs won’t be checking the clock while we’re at work, but they definitely have some perception of the passing of time. According to a study, the longer dogs are separated from their owners, the more excited they are when the owner comes home. Which we’ve seen in those tear-jerking reunion videos.

Guiding the blind

We’ve all seen a guide dog at some point in our lives and know how they help people with sight loss or impairment. There are around 5,000 guide dog owners in the UK and these dogs help provide confidence and support for the blind.

Sense pregnancy

If you’ve ever been pregnant around a dog, you might have noticed you got a lot more cuddles and thought nothing of it. Well, apparently, our dogs may be able to sense pregnancy or the changes in our bodies that come with it.



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