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10 ways to know you’re obsessed with your dog

Dog. Doggo. Fido. Pup. Puppy. Puppo. Good boy. Good girl. Dogs are amazing and there’s no wonder so many of us have one, or two, or seven. They’re there when we wake up, when we come home, and when we need them most.

We love the little furry fetch playing machines, of course we do, but how can you know if you’re obsessed with your dog? (Don’t worry, the best of us are!) Well…

1. Your phone background is a picture of your dog.

They’re much more beautiful than any other member of the family, look at that smile!

2. You’ve made an Instagram account for your dog.

Everyone deserves to see your dog. EVERYONE.

3. Family photos aren’t complete without your dog.

Let’s be honest, a dog can turn a boring family photo into the best family photo. And, because the dog’s involved the smiles are all real, no CHEESE needed here, thanks.

4. Their birthday is just as important as anyone else’s.

Whether they’re turning one or ten you celebrate their birthday as if they’re human. Doggie birthday cake and everything!

dog enjoying birthday cake

5. You love all dogs but yours is the best.

No one’s dog can be as cute as yours! Never ever. End of story. Nada.

6. You’ve accepted that dog hair will be a part of every outfit.

It’s added character! Especially white hair on black trousers or black hair on your white blouse. Own it!

7. You sign any card from the whole family, dogs included.

Birthday and Christmas cards aren’t complete without your dog’s name scribbled at the bottom with lots of kisses.

8. Your dog has more pet names than you’d like to admit.

Yes, you do! Whether it’s a play on their name or something different entirely, you know they’ll still come whichever name you use. Apart from their full name, then they know they’re in trouble!

9. Everyone you know knows everything about your dog.

There’s not a day that goes by where you don’t talk about your dog and the tricks you’ve taught them. You even share the bad stories like that day they left you a warm present in the kitchen, or when you walked in to a shredded dog bed.

10. They’re your best friend forever.

No one comes close.


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