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2 Super Social Networking Pages

2 Super Social Networking Pages

More and more we are starting to rely on technology to network, learn and entertain ourselves. Social networking pages have become hubs for interacting with people who share your interests, asking questions and sharing images and videos. We’ve compiled a little list of our favourite dog and cat pages on Twitter and Facebook!

Cats on Facebook:


This page is the Facebook heart of all things cat, containing links to other Facebook pages about cats. If you’re looking for anything to do with felines this is a great place to start.

Simon’s Cat

The Simon in question is an English cartoonist and animator who hand-draws the pictures for his animated web series “Simon’s Cat”, all about the exploits of his cat. This Facebook page not only gives updates about new animations and toys but also about Simon’s charity work.

Dogs on Facebook:


This is the main page for dogs on Facebook with links to books, TV shows and films about dogs, as well as providing information about your Facebook friends’ dog-related activity.

Manchester Dogs’ Home

The Manchester Dogs’ home is still rebuilding and recovering from the shocking arson attack in September that tragically claimed the lives of dozens of dogs. They frequently post about the work that is going into the refurbishment, dogs under their care and the efforts that supporters are putting themselves through to help the shelter get back on its feet.

Cats on Twitter:

Why my Cat is Sad

Don’t worry, the cat isn’t really sad! This twitter account documents the life of a black cat called The Bear. His owner, author and journalist Tom cox, takes his photo and tweets them along with captions suggesting what his cat is feeling and thinking, such as “My cat is sad because he is regretting his decision to go on the reality TV show ‘I’m A Cat… Get Me Out Of Here’”.


The most popular cat on Twitter, Sockington is a cat who likes to cause mischief and tweet about it. He also tweets about his adventures and his love of fish.

Dogs on Twitter


This account is all about dogs and is regularly updated with dog-related news stories and facts. A great account to follow if you like to see plenty of dogs in your timeline!

UK Dogs for Adoption

If you’re interested in adopting a dog but don’t know where to start this is a great account to follow. They constantly retweet shelters all over the UK who are trying to rehome dogs, so you can help narrow down your search. It is tragic to see so many dogs going without homes, but with the help of this Twitter feed lots have found new families.

What are your favourite social “petworking” pages to visit? Let us know!

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