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5 ways to celebrate “Love your Pet” day

5 ways to celebrate “Love your Pet” day

Our pets bring us so much happiness, joy and pride while helping us through our trials and tribulations without even knowing they’re doing anything. Whether it’s welcoming us at the door with wagging tails while we come home, or the demanding food with never-ending meows they certainly keep us busy.

Well, “Love your Pet” days celebrates our fantastic pets and we have some ideas on how to say a big thank you to our furry friends.

1.    Explore somewhere new

Why not go for an extra special walk exploring somewhere neither of you has been before. A quick search on the internet should show places you’ve not yet discovered. You’ll be welcomed by new views and paths while your dog will enjoy the unfamiliar scents.

If you have a cat and there’s a room they’re not allowed upstairs, why not let them explore a new room or two just for an hour while you sit with them and watch them as they walk around in wonder.

2.    Arrange a playdate

This might be one for the doggies as cats might not appreciate another cat intruding on their home. If you have a friend who has a dog or a neighbour you keep bumping into on the daily walk why notarrange a proper playdate so your dogs can play and tire each other out?

This is a good one for you and your dog as you both get to enjoy some company.

two dogs playing in a field

3.    Make homemade pet treats

If you have some spare time why not get the scales and yummy ingredients out ready to bake some treats for your cat or dog. Let your cat or dog in on the action, they’ll be intrigued by the lovely aromas that they might not be used to in the kitchen.

Get some inspiration with some of our pet treat recipes.

4.    Celebrate your pet on social media

We don’t boast enough about our pets sometimes though we take plenty of photos of them they’re not shared enough with our friends and family. Have you got a favourite photo of your cat or dog? Maybe they’re up to mischief or sleeping awkwardly on the sofa, why not post it for all to see?

5.    Give the gift of insurance

As much as we love our pets, sometimes the unexpected happens no matter how much we try to keep them safe. Having a pet insurance policy in place for your pet means that you’ll have some help in place if your cat or dog was to fall ill or be involved in an accident. Why not take a look at our pet insurance policies and get a quote today?

Keep an eye out on our blog for more charity visits, product reviews and pet advice or head over to our Facebook page for updates on our latest campaigns and giveaways.

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