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5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s with your pet

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Valentine’s is a day to celebrate someone we love, and we’re supposed to shower them with gifts and flowers. It can be quite a busy day, trying to find the time for everyone and everything but don’t forget about the ones who love us unconditionally.

Our pets.

These guys are there, through thick and thin and think we’re perfect even with our flaws so why not show them how much you care this Valentine’s? Chocolate is a no-go for our furry friends but there are plenty of other things we can do to share the love.

Here are five ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your pet.

1.    Buy them a new toy

Head out to your local pet shop and let your dog roam the aisles in search of a new toy to play with and call their own. From squeaky plushies to tough chew toys, they’re sure to find one they’ll want to take home.

With cats that might not be comfortable heading out to a busy shop why not pop out and come home bearing surprises?

2.    Book a photoshoot

You might have plenty of photos of your family on different walls around the house but how many of them include your dog or cat? Why not approach a professional photographer to take some snaps of you your family, fur and all? Over the years these will become cherished memories and priceless keepsakes.

3.    Donate to an animal charity

You might have rescued your pet and want to give something back to the rescue centre that introduced you or want to help other dogs or cats that are waiting for their forever families.

It doesn’t have to be a large donation as we all know every little helps, so why not make a donation in your pet’s name and give a little back to those who need it most.

If you are looking for ideas on worthy causes, why not check out some of the animal welfare charities we have donated money to in the past.

4.    Spend some quality time together

a dog having a treat

This can be done in so many different ways. From helping your pet learn a new trick, to giving them a nice grooming session, they’ll appreciate your undivided attention.

5.    Do something they love

Your dog might have a favourite walk and your cat might have a favourite treat. Why not do something they love because it is Valentine’s day after all. It doesn’t have to be expensive and your pet will enjoy the time spent with their favourite person doing their favourite thing.

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