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5 ways to make your dog walks more exciting

Walking the same paths and pavements on dog walks can get a bit repetitive and the daily dog walk can become a dreaded chore when it should be an opportunity to unwind with your pooch. Finding new routes isn’t always possible but here are five ways to make your dog walks more exciting for you and your dog.

Let them follow their nose

While sometimes it’s nice to stick to what you know it can be fun to let your dog take the lead while off the lead, on some of your walks and let their nose pick the route if it’s safe to do so.

Change the pace

If you’re used to the rushed walks before or after work, why not take your time and enjoy the things around you. If you prefer the slower strolls, why not switch gears and pick up the pace on your walks?

Invite a friend

If you have a friend who wants to do something different with their dog, why not make plans and get together for a walk? This will give you someone to talk to (to someone who can reply!) and your dog will have someone to play with, too. What’s not to love?

Add a pit stop

If you have a pet-friendly pub or restaurant on one of your walking routes, why not take some time to stop for some refreshments on your way past? It’ll allow you to spend some quality time with your dog. If that’s not your cup of tea, why not stop by a neighbour’s house for a catch-up?

Take some photos

While not all photos end up in focus or framed on our walls, some snaps become very dear to us. So why not take some photos on your walks? You just never know what you’ll capture.

So, why not head outdoors and try some of these helpful tips with your pooch?

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