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A guide to looking after your dire wolf

a large white dog in the forest

So, you own a dire wolf, usually found north of the wall and now you want to know how to look after it. Well, we have a few top tips to make sure your dire wolf doesn’t meet the same fate as others.

Finding your dire wolf

If you stumbled across your pup in woodland, orphaned after their mother had an unfortunate encounter with a deer, your life might now spiral into a dramatic saga and will never be the same again.

Don’t take your dire wolf to any weddings

If you’re invited to a wedding of a distant relative and the daughter of a Frey, then it’s best to keep your dire wolf at home. Definitely don’t use any of the kennels provided by the family, as you never know what might happen if the wedding turns red.

Their favourite sleeping spots

If you don’t have an open fire in your house then it might be time to invest in one as they love lying on their side in front of one, especially after a long night protecting you from any angry members of the Night’s Watch.

a large dog jumping over a fallen tree

Avoid any future kings

Keep them away from any future kings as they tend to have their own way, even if they did nothing wrong.

Socialising your dire wolf

Socialising with different communities is usually good but not if they’ve been dead for thousands of years as they don’t take too well to warm-blooded things. So, avoid anyone with glowing blue eyes and strangely pale, rotting flesh that’s extremely flammable.

Trust no one with your dire wolf

When fleeing you’ll want to make sure not to trust anyone who might have been famously loyal to your family, as this can always change.

Your dire wolf will prove loyal against enemies, especially if they were the runt of the litter so it’s important to take great care of them, and you’ll be repaid.


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