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Back to school: how to keep your dog happy and safe

Six weeks have flown by, a fortune has probably been spent on uniform, and no one is looking forward to the early starts and rushed mornings. While making sure the kids are prepped, there’s another member of the family that needs help adjusting to the holiday blues that they’re about to experience.

There are some term-time risks to consider before the first day back, as well as some unexpected positives to take full advantage of once the school routine is up and running.

Make sure to plan ahead

September means a change of routine, something our canine friends aren’t too keen on. By planning and assessing the routine from a dog’s perspective, you’ll be able to anticipate how your dog will react to the coming changes.

Easing the transition is a good idea for all dogs and beginning with short absences that gradually grow as the weeks go by. Then, before you know it it’s the first day of a new school year and your dog handles it like a pro.

Provide a distraction

While the kids are in school and you’re back at work, or out and about why not provide a distraction for your dog? From puzzles to filled Kongs, there’s plenty out there to keep a dog occupied and out of trouble.

Keep them exercised

A walk in the morning and the evening will make sure your dog is exercised and will help them stay calm and relaxed when alone during the day. It’s also a chance to spend some quality time together, something that can often be neglected in the business of the back-to-school routine.

Keep them away from supplies

Some of the things bought over summer ready for the new school year can be toxic to our canine companions and can even be a potential choking hazard for pets. So, once you’ve bought enough rubbers, glue sticks, pencils, and pens to last the year make sure to keep them somewhere your dog can’t get to them.

Keep them away from lunchboxes

If you’ll be making packed lunches it’s a good idea to make sure these are hidden from your dog too, and any leftovers are put in the bin in case your dog manages to munch on some lunchbox toxins like grapes or mouldy food.

Avoid the school run walks

While some schools’ welcome dogs to join the family on drop-offs and pickups, others have strict no dog policies meaning you’d have to leave your dog outside the schoolyard which can cause unnecessary stress for you and your dog.

You’ll also want to consider the traffic around the school as well as the possibility of bumping into other dogs along the way and how your dog will react to everything around them. Putting time aside for a walk in the morning and evening will allow you to enjoy your daily walks rather than adding to the morning rush.

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